Rhinoplasty with Silicon vs Gore-Tex

When considering nose job (rhinoplasty), you have two main options as what you want to use as a material. Let’s go over what they are, and what are the pros and cons.

What is a Silicon Implant?

Silicone has been around for many years and has been the most popular synthetic nasal implant used for rhinoplasty. It’s also the most preferred nasal implant by plastic surgeons because it is easy to insert and easy to shape. It can also be removed if there are any problems. Surgeons like them as they offer a more noticeable lift to the bridge of the nose. Silicone implants need very small incisions, if they are done from the outside.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Silicon

It’s been around for many years and it’s been tested and proven. There’s a reason why it’s still popular. Because it has been around for decades, plastic surgeons have gained mastery using it. Compared to the Gore-Tex, silicone is easier to carve to achieve the desired shape of the patient. They are also affordable, and surgeons can contour them into the patient’s desired shape. 

The silicone implant has several disadvantages. Silicone implants may look unnatural, and after a few years the implant becomes visible under the skin. Silicone implants can become infected, which can be a major drawback. 

What is a Gore-Tex Implant?

Gore-Tex is a more recent technology in nasal implant that is rapidly gaining popularity among Korean patients wanting to undergo rhinoplasty. Gore-Tex is porous, so it gives a less noticeable lift to the bridge as it merges with the tissues in the nose. Surgeons like to use Gore-Tex because it provides a natural look. Because Gore-Tex integrates with nasal tissue, it is more difficult to remove than a silicone implant.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gore-Tex

One of the biggest advantages of Gore-Tex is that they look natural when inserted into the nose. The reason why it looks more natural is because it integrates will with the tissues.Gore-Tex withstands high temperatures better than silicone does. So, people who live in warmer climates are better off with Gore-Tex. Since Gore-Tex blends with nasal tissues, it does not move as much a silicone implant moves. One more advantage is that surgery time is shorter than silicon implant.

Disadvantage of the Gore-Tex implants is that it cost more than silicone implants, and like silicone implants, they can become infected. The major drawback of Gore-Tex implants is the possibility of infection, because they are very difficult to remove. Gore-Tex can shrink and change over time, so some patients need follow-up surgery to repair the damage caused by the change of the material.

Final thought

As you have read, they both have pros and cons. There’s no one-style-fits-all when it comes to plastic surgery as everyone is different. So the best option is to write down possible questions you might have and visit a specialist and consult with the doctor. Shin Medical can also help you find the best for you, with their field experience and know-how, if you reach out to them. If you want to learn more about Rhinoplasty, click the link below and find out at this page. https://www.shinmedical.com/procedure/rhinoplasty/

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